Ben Nye Ultimate F/X Palette

Ben Nye Ultimate F/X Palette

The 18-well Ultimate F/X Palette provides ultra-realism for bruises, abrasions, black eyes, burns and character effects with a variety of F/X Creme Colors perfect for your creations!

Expect 200-700 applications.

Palette includes :

FX-0 - White
FX-12 - Chrome Yellow
FX-121 - Goldenrod
FX-11 - Sallow Green
CL-10 - Dark Sunburn
FX-13 - Capilary Stipple
FX-31 - Fire Red
FX-34 - Fresh Cut
FX-2 - Bruise
FX-32 - Dried Blood
FX-5 - Dark Burgundy
FX-35 - Dark Crimson
FX-91 - Vein
FX-10 - Sapphire Blue
FX-6 - Purple
FX-72 - Black & Blue
FX-9 - Grey Purple
FX-8 - Black


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