Kryolan aquacolor Interferenz Palette 12 colour

Kryolan aquacolor Interferenz  Palette 12 colour


  • Aquacolor Interferenz is an iridescent glycerin-based compact make-up, containing no metallic pigments, with pearlescent effects for creation of captivating make-up impressions on face and body. 
  • Application is effortless, with an only slightly moistened make-up sponge or brush. 
  • After drying, it can be gently buffed with a soft towel or with the hand - but is not powdered. 
  • Fixing spray is recommended if the make-up will be subjected to extreme conditions.
  •  Aquacolor Interferenz is extensively smudge-proof and can be easily removed with soap and water.?In addition to the classical color nuances of gold, silver, copper and bronze, Aquacolor Interferenz offers a large assortment of vivid, iridescent colors. 
  • Aquacolor Interferenz Palette 12 Colors is ideal for multifarious creations. ECARF certified.
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