About Us

Teampixie is  a small family business founded in 2000. We operate from a central warehouse Just outside Bristol. From this central location, we ship all shapes and sizes of LARP/ Cospaly / re-enactment kit  to the UK and abroad. You are welcome to call in and collect your order. Please just call for an appointment. ( we would be disappointed  to miss you ) .

Our small team  ship and pack your parcels using when possible recycled packing. We care for the environment and our customers.  

There are soft LARP weapons for both traditional, fantasy, futuristic and apocalyptic LARPs;. Teampixie also  sells cosplay and reenactment as  well as stage makeup. Our passion is, of course, for the 1940’s  reenactment and have 1940‘s uniforms for hire
Everyone at Teampixie believes in giving honest and friendly advice, we like to get it right and Our Historic uniforms are accurate in every detail.