Graftobian Magic Set

Graftobian Magic Set

Graftobian Magic Set Mixing & Lining

Graftobian Liquid Magic Set can be used as a mixing liquid to create colors of liquid make-up out of Luster Powders or Cosmetic Powdered Metals. 

  • Graftobian Magic Set can also be used as a lining liquid when mixed with our Luster Powders or our Powdered Glitters. 
  • Graftobian Magic Set  is a clear, reasonably fast drying substance which when added to a powder, yields a brush-on product that can be used as an over all coat or as a accenting or lining product. The resultant coat will be durable and beautiful.
  • Available  in 1/2 oz. Bottle,2 oz. Bottle, 8 oz. Bottle

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